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Russo Music

Instruments can be rented from Russo Music by visiting More information can be found in the uploaded Russo Music flyer.

If you need to have your child's instrument repaired by the Russo Music Company, please contact Russo at 609-888-0620 to arrange for the service representative to pick up the instrument at your child's school.  Feel free to ask for a loner instrument to be used while your instrument is being fixed.  
Broken instruments are to be placed in my room with a note inside explaining the repair.  If you don't know exactly what is wrong, feel free to simply write, "Please repair" on the note.  (If I am in the school when the instrument comes in, I'll write the note for you.)  The Russo rep usually comes to each Marlboro School every Wednesday to pick up/drop off instruments.
If you decide to discontinue the instrument rental from Russo Music Center, contact the company at 609-888-0620 or go on the Russo website: Russo will email you a "Return Authorization Form" that you will place inside the instrument case. The instrument with the form inside may be brought back to school and placed in my room for the Russo representative to pick up at his next weekly visit.