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Parent Information

What can parents/guardians do to help their child succeed in the learning of a musical instrument?

Here are a few ideas:

  1.  Praise and Encouragement:

A few words from you when your child is practicing can do more than anything else to give the student a boost.  The playing might not sound "good" at first, but before long, you will start to recognize tunes and will be proud of the progress.  As your child progresses on the instrument, have them perform for you often.

  1.  Practice:

Set a regular time and place for your child to practice 15 to 30 minutes a day.  A little every day is more beneficial than  one hour every couple of days.  Keep this time quiet and free of interruptions.

  1.  Instrument storage:

Find a safe place for the instrument.  Encourage your child to exercise care with his/her instrument.  You are responsible for its care and safety.

4  Band Classes:

Remind your child to bring the instrument and other lesson materials to school on the assigned lesson day.

  1. Repairs/supplies:

Provide repairs and supplies for the maintenance of the instrument.  Have an extra reed or two on hand for clarinet and saxophone players.   (We use #2 reeds.)  Brass players need to have valve oil.

There are several music stores in our area:  Musician's Workshop (Route 9 North), Music and Arts (Route 9 North) Freehold Music Center (route 9 North).   Russo Music Center, which is located  in Hamilton and now in Asbury Park,  makes weekly trips to each Marlboro school and will deliver your orders to our school.

  1.  Performances:

Attend your child's band performances.  Nothing makes the band student more proud than performing for parents and friends.

  1.  Exposure to Music:

Expose your child to a variety of music by playing CDs, attending concerts, etc.