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Debra Longo » Choosing Appropriate Books

Choosing Appropriate Books

Choosing Appropriate Books

How to choose appropriate books?

Your child will be taught the Five Finger Rule to use as a guide when choosing "just right" books.
The Five Finger Rule
1.  Choose a book that looks interesting to you.
2.  Read the first page.
3.  Every time you do not know a word, place a finger down.
4.  After the page is completed, if you have:
    • 0-1 fingers down - too easy  
    • 2-3 fingers down - just right
    • 4-5 fingers down - too hard
Another great resource for choosing books, based on your child's guided reading level, is to download a book leveling app.
  • Scholastic book wizard is free.  It will identify the level of books that have previously been published by Scholastic.  This one is free!
  • Lit Leveler is another app that I use to identify the levels of books that do not appear on Scholastic’s Book Wizard.  This one is not free.