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Guiding Principles and Fundamentals

The first four slides will list our core values. “Core Values” are the four main beliefs we must use to guide our leadership. The last page contains a word cloud with our district's 27 Fundamentals that encapsulate our beliefs. A “Fundamental” is a belief we must turn into action. We must demonstrate these 27 beliefs/actions in our daily lives.

Payment Assistance for Gas and Electric (PAGE)

The Affordable Housing Alliance (AHA) has been providing housing and other support services for over 25 years in New Jersey. Utility assistance is one of the support services which AHA has been administering for over eight years. To find out more information about the Payment Assistance for Gas and Electric (PAGE) click on the attached letter from the AHA. The funds from PAGE are available to help our fellow NJ residents who are struggling to keep up with their utility bills.

Kindergarten Handbook

Attached please find the Kindergarten handbook with useful information and frequently asked questions.
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