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About Me

Welcome to my classroom art teacher page. My name is Ms. Milazzo I am the art teacher at Marlboro Elementary School. I received my Fine Arts Teaching Certification at Kean University.  I have a grown son named Daniel who is married to Ella and I have a granddaughter named Prairie.  I have 2 cats and 5 chickens. When I am not planning on lessons for school, I am painting pictures of scenes around the world or practicing my ukulele. I enjoy digging the earth for buried history, finding shapes in the clouds, and saying good night to the moon. 


Becoming an art teacher has been a life long plan for me.  My great Aunt Jean worked at a paintbrush factory in Queens, NY, and would send me shoeboxes filled with brushes every year, starting from my 13th birthday.  I bought a "Jon Gnagy Learn to Draw" kit soon after. Since then, I have continued to draw, paint, learn, and create.  I would enter contests and give art as gifts.  It always made me feel good inside.  If you find that certain something which allows you to feel that way, you too should stick with it. As always, I am very much looking forward to a year full of creativity and color. If you have any questions please connect and I will replay as soon as I am able to do so. 




Ms Milazzo Selfie
Hi kids!!! I just wanted to say, I am proud of you. Each time you come to school you try to do better than you did before. You allow your teachers to teach you what you need to know.  It is not easy for everyone but you we are lucky to have you as our student and you keep doing the best you can.
Once in a while, when you find yourself sitting around for a moment, do a little doodle. Do something you already know. Do something we already made in the classroom. Show me. It does not have to be perfect. Absolutely not. Just something so we can connect in a visual art way.  Show me what little creativity you have hidden in your heart. 
I am so excited for another year of color and creativity. Ms. Milazzo <3